Under Armour

Under Armour was faced with a major business question: what is the future of UA’s digital strategy? They needed talent to help them understand the market opportunity and deliver a clear, heavily-researched POV on how to pursue it.

Under Armour
Project TYPe
Sr Strategists (2)

Academy prides itself on its knowledge and expertise in the space. Our team has many years working in the agency and consulting world so we knew deeply the type of work and the type of person that would be right for the job. We worked closely with Under Armour’s Head of Customer Experience to determine the roles and skills required. With an over year-long partnership, Academy’s staffing resources have been considered a critical component to UA’s executive leadership team, with the Strategists leading several key initiatives.

Working with Academy has been critical for the growth of our team. As practitioners themselves, I feel comfortable getting into the nitty-gritty details of a project and asking their consultation on what we might need. In our partnership, they have been transparent and professional and we feel incredibly lucky to have them as a partner.

— Meeta Patel, Vice President Consumer Experience @ Under Armour


Sr Strategists (2)

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