Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity  

As the first touch point in a person’s journey toward a new career opportunity, we have a unique responsibility of ensuring the most qualified and diverse talent are sourced for our clients.

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Our Process

Diverse recruiters hire diverse people

Inclusive Job Descriptions

We conduct audits on our partners' job postings to ensure the language used is inclusive. This involves avoiding gender-coded terms and unnecessary corporate jargon, focusing on essential job requirements, expressing a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and highlighting inclusive benefits such as parental leave.

Sourcing Talent

Because sourcing from our own networks can be limiting and insular, we prioritize finding historically marginalized talent. We work with a variety of diverse community groups to help support this cause. Additionally, as remote company focused on finding remote talent for our partners, we have the unique benefit of working with a broad pool of talent from around the country and the globe. 

Pay Transparency

We advocate for pay transparency ensuring that each role that is posted includes a range of pay. We adhere to a formula-driven approach linking role to cost of living for salary determination; and conducting annual compensation audits segmented by role, level, location, ethnicity, and gender, promoting a fair and equitable pay structure.

What's Next?

We are dedicated to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry by offering free training, consulting, and career development in collaboration with local communities. Additionally, we actively spotlight diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in public forums and industry events.

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