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What does a Strategist do?

In larger companies, you’ll likely have a team of UX designers who focus primarily on creating products and services with the end user in mind, as well as the more business-focused teams who are concerned with things like branding, customer retention, revenue, and generally making a competitive entry to market. UX strategy is where these two forces converge. A user experience strategist sees to it that all the moving parts are working in harmony—essentially ensuring that the UX designers are also aligning with the needs of the business, and vice versa.

Skill Set:

  • Communication Skills: Expertise in articulating design ideas with clarity and vigor, receptive to feedback, and adept at securing buy-in within a large organizational framework.
  • Creative Skills: A high degree of creativity blended with empathy, passion, and problem-solving acumen.
  • UX Design Skills: Comprehensive proficiency across the UX design spectrum including information architecture, interaction design, visual design, prototype engineering, and content strategy.
  • Research Skills: In-depth understanding of market research, competitive analysis, and testing methodologies such as A/B and multivariate testing.

Strategist Responsibilities:

Strategist job listings often include the following responsibilities:

  • Translate business and user needs and technology constraints into solution concepts that are meaningful, easy to use, and engaging
  • Facilitate workshops to answer critical business questions through design thinking, rapid prototyping, and testing ideas with customers
  • Lead and support discovery of the project lifecycle, including workshops, user and stakeholder interviews, analytics, audits and benchmarking
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative research to generate meaningful insights that will drive creative concepts
  • Design journey maps, navigation design, sitemaps, information architecture, wireframes, storyboards and prototypes
  • Bring complex data products to life through maps, dashboards and infographics
  • Define reporting and measurement metrics focused on project and usability goals

How much does a Strategist make?

Interested in understanding the earning potential within the UX profession? Utilize our UX Salary Calculator below to gain insights on what you should be earning or paying based on industry standards.

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