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What does a UX Researcher do?

A UX researcher focuses almost entirely on the research and data analysis side of the UX design process. Through their work, UX researchers uncover new levels of depth and understanding for the target audience. They present their findings to other team members to help the company as a whole better understand and value the various touch points within the customer journey. This position tends to be one of the more niche among UX roles, and requires excellent communication skills and an understanding of how quantitative and qualitative user data can strengthen the entire process.

Skill Set:

  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in utilizing various research methodologies and tools such as usability testing platforms, survey software, and data analysis.
  • Soft Skills: Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to effectively convey findings and insights to cross-functional teams, fostering a deeper understanding of the user experience.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong capability to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to unearth valuable insights regarding user behavior and preferences.
  • Recruitment Skills: Proficient in identifying, recruiting, and engaging suitable participants for user research studies, ensuring a rich and diverse pool of feedback.
  • Documentation Skills: Ability to create comprehensive research reports and presentations that encapsulate findings in a clear, concise, and actionable manner.
  • Collaboration Skills: Strong teamwork and collaboration abilities to work cohesively with designers, researchers, and product managers in shaping product roadmaps and strategies.

UX Researcher Responsibilities:

UX design job listings often include the following responsibilities:

  • Lead prototype testing, competitive analysis, surveys, and exploratory research
  • Recruit users for research studies, write interview and test guides, analyze data from research studies, and build research reports
  • Work with designers, researchers, and product managers, to create product roadmaps.
  • Generate insights that inform how the product team as a whole views short and long-term product strategy.

How much does a UX Researcher make?

Interested in understanding the earning potential within the UX profession? Utilize our UX Salary Calculator below to gain insights on what you should be earning or paying based on industry standards.

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