We are an international UX staffing agency

Hire Remotely

We find you highly qualified contractors at a fraction of the cost of their US equivalents.


How does it work?

• Partner with us for talent search to understand your role requirements.

• We find talent vetted network of contractors and present them to you at no cost.

• Upon hiring, Academy handles invoicing, payroll, and business relationships.

• Contractors temporarily join Academy as foreign employees with W8BEN submission managed.

• Contractors bill at an agreed-upon hourly rate.

How good are their English skills?

We interview each candidate to understand their English proficiency to ensure clear communication with our clients.

Do they work in my timezone?

We primarily work with talent based in Europe, South America, Africa and Turkey. All of our talent will work in your timezone.

Why Work With Us?

Let’s face it — UX is a really hard field to recruit for.

It requires a certain set of skills and experience. The good news is, we got you. With over 20+ years of experience and an expertly trained team we focus all our time and attention on servicing the world of UX talent.

Without Academy

• Recruiting generalists

• UX knowledge gap

• Recruiting time suck​

• Overworked, unhappy UX
& recruiting teams

With Academy

UX recruiting specialists

Recruiters who get it

Save time & money

Happy UX teams

Do You Like The Feeling Of Happiness?

Get top-tier candidates sent over ASAP, so you can get back to business.

Our Network

Talent at your fingertips



We have a network of over 5,000+ talented global resources across the UX disciplines in product design, UX UI design, UX strategy, UX research, UX writing, design ops and product management. Our network is always growing.

Service Areas


We work with talent across the US and the globe. We're committed to delivering flexible top quality talent that can work on your timezone.



As the first touch point in a person’s journey toward a new career opportunity, we have a unique responsibility of ensuring the most qualified and diverse talent are sourced for our clients. See our approach to helping our clients find a diverse workforce.

Rate Card

We believe in transparency so our pricing is clear

Our international rate card gives an example of rates based on position and experience. We strive to match industry averages and are always open to negotiating to help achieve your goals.












Motion Designer

Chief of Staff

Game Designer

AR/VR Designer

Webflow Designer

AI Prompt Engineer

How we find the best UX Talent in the world

Discover our approach to hiring the top 5% of freelance UX talent in the world, including Product Designers, Product Managers, UX Researchers, UX Designers, Strategists, and Design Ops Managers

Areas of Expertise

Product Design
UX Research & Strategy
Product Management
Design Operations
UX Design
UI Design
UX Writing
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Are you looking for a job in UX?

We offer freelance and full-time roles in the UX disciplines.


How long does it take to find a UX staffing candidate?

The typical timeframe to identify the right candidate is 1 to 3 weeks where we will deliver 3-5 highly qualified candidates. Our process involves tapping into our vetted network and possibly extending the search externally, if necessary. We meticulously match candidates based on the specific opportunity, presenting them to clients with a succinct rationale that underscores their suitability for the project, all while coordinating interviews to ensure a seamless hiring process.

How does your UX staffing business model work?

Our staffing division operates under a no-upfront-cost structure, generating revenue through the margins between what we charge our clients and what we pay our talented contractors. This approach creates a symbiotic relationship, where we are able to provide skilled professionals without any initial costs, charging only upon the successful placement of a candidate in a role.We offer a rich network of highly skilled contractors, with the hourly rate being contingent upon various factors including the position, seniority, experience, and geographical location of the individual. This model ensures flexibility and a customized approach to cater to the unique demands of each role. To delve deeper into our strategy and for guidance on selecting the right recruiting model for your UX team, we invite you to read our informative article titled: "How to Choose the Right Recruiting Model for Your UX Team".

What happens if it’s not working out with a candidate?

We recognize that not every placement may align perfectly with expectations. If an issue arises with a candidate, we actively step in to mediate and find a resolution. In cases where it becomes necessary to part ways with a candidate, we are prepared to facilitate this with the utmost professionalism and consideration for all parties involved.We generally request a two-week notice as a professional courtesy to allow for a smooth transition, except in instances where there has been a breach of company policy, unlawful activities, or unethical behavior, which will necessitate immediate dismissal. Our goal is to manage these situations responsibly, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining the integrity of your work environment.

Does it cost me anything to engage you in a search for freelancers?

No, our staffing division operates under a no-upfront-cost structure.

Do you employ your talent as W2?

Yes, we serve as a responsible Employer of Record for many professionals in our network. Predominantly, the talent at Academy are brought on board as W-2 employees, minimizing risks associated with worker misclassification while also offering a range of benefits such as paid sick leave, retirement plan contributions, and unemployment insurance, even for those in part-time or short-term assignments. However, we also collaborate with international contractors who may not be classified as W-2 employees and therefore do not have access to the same range of benefits. This allows us to maintain a flexible and diverse talent pool to cater to a wide variety of client needs. Importantly, we always engage in thorough discussions with our clients before initiating any partnership, to ascertain and agree upon the employment model that best suits their specific business requirements and objectives.

Where is your talent located?

Our talent is predominately located in the United States, however we work with talent all over the world. So long as they can reasonably work on our clients timezone. This typically limits our talent to Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Unfortunately, in only special cases are we able to work with talent in Asia or Australia as the timezone difference would create an unreasonable work schedule for people.

How do you ensure a diverse talent pool?

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a defining pillar of our operations, serving as a beacon in the journey toward fostering a richly diverse talent pool. Our multifaceted approach begins with a globally diverse team of recruiters adept at bypassing biases to focus on the inherent value of each candidate, often seeing beyond polished resumes to identify untapped potential. This commitment extends to active community engagement, where we not only participate in key industry dialogues through platforms such as ADPList, Design Leadership Forum, Design Ops Assemble and more but also offer vital resources for career growth and development. Equally important is our role in shaping inclusive job listings, where we work tirelessly to ensure our partners adopt language that underscores a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our sourcing strategy is expansive, giving precedence to candidates from marginalized groups and leveraging a vast international talent pool, facilitated by our remote-first approach. Furthermore, we champion the cause of pay transparency and equity, nurturing an equitable compensation structure upheld through regular audits that consider factors like ethnicity and gender. Stay tuned for further updates as we continually refine our strategies to nurture a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry.

What types of roles can your agency help to fill?

We specialize in UX recruitment, expertly connecting mid to executive-level professionals with suitable positions in the industry. Our focus lies in placing top-notch Product Designers, UX Designers, UI Designers, UX Researchers, and Product Managers. Additionally, we facilitate roles for DesignOps, Strategists, and UX Writers. Our network also extends to skilled individuals in fields such as illustration, game design, motion graphics, Webflow design, AR/VR, interaction, and service design, making us your one-stop solution for all UX recruitment needs.

What is your screening process for potential candidates?

At Academy, we pride ourselves on a robust and supportive screening process for potential candidates. Initially, every application undergoes a meticulous review, followed by progressive stages of phone and portfolio interviews. If a candidate progresses to the client interview stage but isn't selected, we ensure to offer constructive feedback based on client insights. Throughout each step, we maintain a transparent communication line, providing candidates with detailed feedback and resources to foster their growth. This process, rooted in a strong foundation of evaluating execution strategies and behavioral traits, ensures that we find the perfect fit for our clients while assisting candidates in honing their skills. To get an in-depth view of our process, refer to our article, "A Guide to Interviewing for Your Next UX Role".

We are always up for a chat, just send us a message here and we will get back to you.